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Veterans talking veterans back from the brink: A new approach to policing and lives in crisis

March 20, 2019

LOS ANGELES — The former Army soldier was slumped in the back seat of a sheriff’s department squad car when Shannon Teague and Tyrone “T-bone” Anderson arrived on the scene. A couple of hours earlier, high on meth, he’d been yelling “you will die” from the front porch of a transition house for homeless veterans.

Teague made the introductions. Neither she nor Anderson wore a uniform, except for the patch on their jackets and the ID tags clipped to their shirts.

“I’m a social worker, and this is my partner, T-bone,” she told the man. “We are from the VA. You’re not in trouble.”

Encounters such as this one represent a new approach to dealing with veterans in crisis.

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Signs of progress emerge as Sacramento protests over Stephon Clark’s killing remain tense

By Rob Kuznia and Sawsan Morrar 

(Wash Post)

The 20 shots that police fired at Stephon Clark, killing the unarmed black father of two last month, have ignited protests that shut down major roadways, blocked entry to an NBA game and created a seemingly ever-present tension in the streets of California’s capital. That conflict came to a head Saturday night.

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