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Hawthorne student turns down full scholarship in academic gamble

For 15-year-old Hawthorne resident Thelma Godslaw, fear of failure was instilled at an early age, when teachers in her native Nigeria rewarded wrong answers with whacks from a cane. But the bigger motivator for her was the elementary school's hard-hearted ranking system. Instead of grades, every child was publicly assigned a number, from one to 35, based on his or her standing in the class.

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Victims of Santa Barbara wildfire sift through the rubble


When Russell Smelley, a Westmont College kinesiology professor and the school’s cross country and track coach, saw the Tea Fire racing down the mountain toward his neighborhood of faculty housing Thursday, he and his wife, Allison, went straight for their daughter Alyssa’s room. Alyssa had died of a brain tumor 2½ years before, at age 15, and her belongings in the bedroom were precious.

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